Maintain aspect ratio upon upload

Hi, I’m brand new to Shotcut. Trying it out because it has a lot of options for a free editor. Question is this:
I’m working with a 1080p project, but I have 1280x960 footage I want to feature over a 1920x1080 background, but when I upload the 1280x960 video, it is enlarged to a height of 1080 (I would guess 1440x1080). Is it possible to upload it at its original resolution, 1280x960, and work with it that way? I understand I could resize it back down, but I assume that would that negatively effect image quality, right? The footage is of integer scaled pixels, so extra resizing is unwanted.


I don’t believe that Shotcut destructively edits source files, so resizing clips shouldn’t cause any degradation.

Add a “Size and Position” filter to your clip and you should be good to go.

So basically what I’m seeing is Shotcut putting it’s own resize filter on the clip (for some reason) and me putting another resize filter on it will negate that? Is the logic that Shotcut is assuming I’ll want all my clips the same height? Is there any way to disable that? If not, filter settings can be saved and easily applied to multiple clips, right?

All that aside, if a simple resize filter is all I need, great! Thanks.

I can’t answer some of your questions, but…

Yes! There are Copy/Paste buttons in the Filters area. With some filters (including Size and Position), you can alternatively select the track itself and apply the filter to the entire track. (You can’t select multiple clips at a time though, so if you wanted to Copy the filters from one clip, you have to Paste them into each other clip one at a time.)

Yes. That is what most people want including myself, who is the most important user. :slight_smile:

Add Size and Position filter and change the Size mode to Fit. Next, you can choose alignment options or manually adjust things.