Mahabharata - World's Greatest Epic - watch like a video, read like a book

Video Comic - Made with Shotcut :smiley:

Please help me add background music and foley - which kind of music will match this genre (Adventure) and which is the best place to find it?

Should I put the background music in the entire video or only at some points in the video.

This is my first project of this kind, any help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you


That looks cool. Regarding the audio, search for vintage or mythological background music. That will make a sense with the video, regarding the site, it doesn’t matter, choose the song you like.
Don’t choose those overedited sound effects and bg, they sound really old and bad.

One more thing, you can hire a voiceover artist to say those big bold words like “7000 Years ago”. That will sound really cool.

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I will record them myself :smiley:

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Sure you can find something here


@TimLau - thank you for all the help :smiley:

Obviously, a a lot of work was spent editing this video. Impressive. Good job!

Love the comic book approach.
By the way I’d be curious to see a screen shot of the timeline.


The video is very nice, but the speech bubble font is hard to read on a laptop sceen.

I would have choosen somethng like

Aileron semibold italic or bold italic

It is very legible at small font size and looks very nice

The problem with most cartoon fonts is they do only work at large font sizes.
but is is properly a lot of work to change it

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Yes, nice comic-style fairytail video :slight_smile: I agree with TimLau - had difficulties to read the bubbles as well. Look for a bigger and more fantasy-like font :wink: I would replace them with voice over if possible.
Indian ambient background music sounds great for that scenery :wink:

@TimLau & @RilosVideos - Thank you for taking the time out to view the video and giving your feedback :smiley:

I created the whole project on my desktop, didn’t realize it would cause problems on the smaller screen.

I researched a lot of comics and all of them used the same font that I have used - do you think increasing the font size would help? Presently the font size is 12 - should I increase it to 14 or 16?

Please let me know.

Thank you once again for your precious feedback - much appreciated :smiley:

Larger font size will help, but this font not very legible and is not made for to be easy to read, it has problems with spaces between the letter, it might work with printed comics, where you have more time to read the text, but is not good of this kind of video format, if you want the audience to read the text

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I will change the font as you suggested :smiley:

I have uploaded the final version (with music) on - because YT is infamous for deleting content without reason.

I will start working on the fonts, will send you a sample before replacing the font in the whole series, your feedback is highly appreciated. thank you so much

Do you think changing the resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280x720 would help?

@TimLau @RilosVideos I have just increased the size of the same font to 18 - let me know if now the text is legible comfortably?

Thank you for all your help

Yes, thats much better! :slight_smile:

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great :smiley:

I wonder how much time this took you? And how much resources?

I already have the visualization of the timeline, it might be crazy, true?

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crazy is the right word :rofl:

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More legible, but still don’t feel the font is good for the purpose :grinning:

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Updated version with bigger font size and music : -

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It is now much easier to read the speech bubbles.

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