Magic LaserCut

Je ne sais pas trop si je dois classer ce topic dans ressources ou fait avec Shotcut.
J’ai travaillé sur un nouveau filtre “Magic LaserCut”.
J’ai trouvé sur internet une bibliothèque sur l’intelligence artificielle qui permet de réaliser des actions en analysant les consignes données par écrit. Mon problème maintenant c’est que les ordres ne peuvent être qu’en anglais. Il me reste donc encore beaucoup de travail pour adapter en français.
Ceci étant dit, voici un échantillon des possibilités que nous offre cette technologie.

I don’t really know if I should classify this topic as Resources or Made with Shotcut.
I worked on a new “Magic LaserCut” filter.
I found a library on artificial intelligence on the internet which allows you to carry out actions by analyzing the instructions given in writing. My problem now is that orders can only be in English. So I still have a lot of work to do to adapt it into French.
That being said, here is a sample of the possibilities this technology offers us.


Interesting :slight_smile:

Can I ask it to do the dishes? :joy:


Can it make the background transparent instead of green? Transparent backgrounds have a grey checkboard pattern ala



I completely failed to find this, can you please give me a link where I can download it?

Voici le lien :slight_smile:

here is the link :slight_smile:
Magic LaserCut


Oh you got me, I was thinking oh some new AI stuff got out that can be easily integrated now :sweat_smile:

How disappointing, I so much hoped this would be something new and exciting :upside_down_face:

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