Made with 19.02 BETA

Simple scroll, Chroma hold, and Levels filters with some music and pictures.


Great work, @sauron! Very artistically executed. :+1::+1:Fantastic photos. The music blew my headphones off at 0.29 :grinning::grinning:

Uploaded the video to YouTube.

Peter Gabriel - Darkness

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Looks great in large format / full screen. Nicely done!

Maybe YouTube doesn’t screw up videos.
This wasn’t even exported with the YouTube preset.:open_mouth:

Hi @sauron , did you use the default export settings then?
PS just gave this a like :grinning::grinning:

I use the lossless H264 preset with interpolation set to Hyper/Lanczos to export the final product. In this case it created a 6.5 GB file. Then I used Handbrake with the h.265 codec to reduce the file size (the size was reduced to 150 MB).

Streamable kept the 1080 resolution.
The same file posted to YT was downgraded to 720p.

Wow, 6.5Gb to 150 MB - quite a reduction! And there was no difference in picture or audio quality?
Thanks for the information, @sauron - I’ll do the same process next time I upload to YT.

I compared the videos side by side, couldn’t see any difference. I’m sure if they were compared pixel by pixel there would be a difference.

You said it looked great in large format full screen.:slightly_smiling_face:

Certainly does. I’m amazed you got it down to 150 MB.

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