Macbook air 2017 or macbook pro 2015

should i buy the macbook air in 2017 or macbook pro 2015.
The reason i chose these 2 because they fit my budget, but i don’t know which one is better for video editing.
please give me some advice.

This is not the forum for this sort of question. I’m only guessing here that both computers are available with various specifications. Just remember that you’re still buying a computer, but you’re paying a premium for the Mac OS experience.

With that said here are Shotcut’s minimum specifications: I’m guessing both computers you listed far exceed the minimum specifications of Shotcut.

When buying any computer for video editing, I will give these recommendations:
You or anyone else will be diving deep into their support pages pulling up all sorts of technical data to find this information out which should be there in a user manual (usually in PDF format).

  • Fastest CPU you can buy with as many cores as you can afford.
  • High amount of memory, 16 to 32GB. (Just my sole opinion here)
  • SSD drive, or the ability to add an SSD internally as a 2nd drive.

SSD = Solid State Drive (No moving parts, newer technology)
HDD = Hard Disk Drive (Moving parts, older technology)

SSD’s & HDD’s can fail over time so having some sort off computer/network or cloud storage plan is highly advisable. I would do all editing and exporting from an SSD, even if it’s your sole only drive. If your budget doesn’t allow for an SSD, make sure the HDD is at least rated at 7200 rpm for it’s drive speed.

Video Editing is very CPU intensive and produces a lot of heat, which breaks down components in any computer, so cooling of the CPU is very vital. In laptops cooling is extremely limited. I have a desktop (not a MAC) and my CPU is cooled with a water pump & radiator with 2 fans. If you’re CPU heats up too much the computer may slow itself down to prevent overheating.

I hope you find the best computer within your budget that meets your needs. :slight_smile:

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Thank you

That 2015 MacBook Pro might be affected by the notorious keyboard flaw:

Why the 2015 macbook pro instead of the 2018 model? the 2015 model lost the upgradable memory and still packs a Haswell(4xxx) generation quad core.