LUT Question

I downloaded a free set of LUTs from filtergrade
When I opened it there are two folders. One for Davinci Resolve, One for Adobe. Both folders are .cube files.
My question, what’s the difference? Will either work with Shotcut?

Thank you in advance

Shotcut only accepts 3D LUTs so if the files have a “.cube” extension and have a line near the beginning of the file that says

LUT_3D_SIZE <n>    (where <n> is number) 

Then Shotcut will probably be OK handling them. .cube files are text files, so you can look at them with a simple text editor, or compare them to see if they are different from each other.

For some useful information on LUTs, see:

Thank you for your reply
Here is an example of the files, Davinci first
From the website: 8 Cinematic LUTs (3D .cube LUTs, compatible in most major NLE programs)
I’ll try the Divinci ones.
Thank you again for your time

The format of the LUTs should be identical. However, some people have reported that the same LUTs can give slightly different visual results in Adobe Premier to DaVinci Resolve. So it may be that the actual contents of the tables themselves have been changed to take care of this - but I’m only guessing.

Some time ago I made a compilation of LUTS that was offered for free on the net. I hope you will find them useful for testing various video scenarios.

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