LUT filter

If you please, where can I find the best free Lut Filter for SC.

I use this collection of filters in GIMP.
There is a menu dedicated exclusively to free LUTs from various sources.
From here you have links to a large collection of LUTs that you can apply later in Shotcut.
An example.

During the afternoon, I can start listing those free resources.


I made a compilation of LUTs that I had in previous downloads from free sites. Some of them are no longer available.
I hope this is allowed to share here.


Thank you for all this information which gives me the effect of fireworks by their wealth, would I be able to use them, that is the question.
Thank you again for your help in my discovery of LUTs

Hi @Epsilon85, I’m glad. I hope you find this useful.
Some of the links did not require registration, but now I find that most require registration and email address.
I was also looking for a way to “extract” LUT from G’mic, but I don’t use this functionality much in my videos either.

Another link in which I found a complete collection of LUTs, which appear in G’mic and have been converted to .cube format

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