LUT filter keyframes

Hello everyone, as far I know LUT filter has no keyframe editing.
I would like change LUT effects intensity during playback.
Is there an alternative/workaround to do that ?
Thanks in advance.

A LUT is a static LookUp Table. In essence it is a mapping of the color of each pixel in your clip to another color via this table. There is no keyframing because there is nothing to keyframe. You can’t keyframe “turn colour #ABC into colour #XYZ” (although you can in HTML/CSS, but it probably isn’t what you want). You’ll have to apply a different (keyframeable) filter after applying the LUT instead (e.g. brightness).

There is a way. It involves adding 3 filters. The instructions are here:

You keyframe the Opacity filter.



Thank you to all.
I will try !

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