Lut (3D)

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Adjust the intensity of the LUT (3D) filter

You can reduce the intensity of a LUT (or any other filter) using filters in this order

  1. Mask: Simple Shape with Width and Height = 100%
  2. Opacity (here is where you adjust intensity, including with keyframes)
  3. LUT (3D) (or other filters)
  4. Mask: Apply


@shotcut In your demo, the order is différent, LUT is before Opacity.

My error @Namna. I’m the one who edited the post :flushed:

EDIT: Fixed. Thanks for noticing @Namna. I hate contradictions :neutral_face:
Ceci étant dit, it looks like it doesn’t matter if filters 2 and 3 are in a different order. I didn’t see any difference.

One affects the alpha channel while the other does not.

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