Low quality through exported video

So, I’ve been trying to export a video for 3 hours now, but everytime I do it, the first seconds of the exported video are fine, but the moment a cut of another video (recorded using the same camera and with the same quality of the first one) comes up, the quality lowers a lot and it keeps like that through the rest of the video (even on cuts of the same first video that looked great in the begining). It’d never happened before, I have exported dozens of videos using the the same settings I usually do (I just click “youtube”, export and the videos are good quality), but now I don’t know what is happening. I don’t think it is anything to do with settings tho 'cause the first 5 seconds are great. I just don’t know why the quality lowers so much in the middle of the video.
Did that happen with anyone else by any chance?

I found out what was making the quality of the video lower. From the first cut on, I put a Rotate and Scale filter on every cut to ajust them a little bit to the left (besides the other one I had already used on the master). When I disable the filters, the quality sets to normal (It is a little worse the the first 5 seconds of the the times I’ve tried to export before tho). I don’t know why that happens but yeah.

“Rotate and Scale” makes me think you are using an older version. The latest version has a fix for this quality loss through the consolidated “Size, Position & Rotate” filter. There will be a new release in a few days if you want to wait, you can try the beta, or upgrade to latest.

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