Low quality after exported (Newbie asks)

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I have some problems with the quality after i have exported my video. When I
compare the original and the one i have edited, the original is in much better quality.

Any suggestions?

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We need some more info, otherwise we can only guess?

What was the input video from? Which codec / video mode/ resolution?

What are your export settings and the video mode in Shotcut? (Settings - Video mode).
Also look in the ‘advanced - codec’ tab of the export setting and look für “quality”. You can set this up to 100% for nearly lossless video quality but with very large export file. Set quality to 55…65% for a reasonable result (good quality but not too big file size).

The input video was 1920X1080 30 fps.

The export settings are 1920X1080 30fps. Codec are h264_qsv and the quality is 55%

If you used Hardware Encoding, don’t. You get better quality with software encoding. Try setting quality to 65%, which is “visually lossless”, meaning you should hardly see any difference in quality from your original clip.

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How do is change that setting? From Hardware Encoding til software encoding?

Okay I will try 65% og see how that goes.

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