Low framerate when exporting

Hello! I’m fairly new to shotcut and keep running into problems. Currently, I can’t figure out how to get the thing to export at 60fps. I’m testing it on a source video of 60fps. It is exporting at much lower FPS than that… no idea what the count is but, it is very stuttery. I’m definitely setting 60fps in the export settings. Are there any other settings I am missing? What else might cause such a phenomenon?

Could you download MediaInfo and check that:

  • the input video is actually 60 fps and not 60000/1001 fps (sometimes mis-labelled as 59.94 fps)
  • the output video is correctly flagged as 60 fps.

Possibly your Video Mode is set something different than what you changed your export settings to. If you just use Default, Shotcut will export to the same fps as the video mode.

I cannot see “Default”, but I clicked reset and it set the fps to 3fps. I am sure that the video is 60fps. Also, what about if the video contains multiple clips of varying fps’s? What would it automatically set to, and how do you assure the higher fps videos retain their higher fps?

Click on Master, then click on the Properties Tab.
This is your Video Mode.

For exporting in Default mode: (This will export to your Video Mode’s FPS/Resolution setting.)

Every time you start a new project you’ll see this box:
Upon a new install, the Video Mode is set to “Automatic” until you change it, and Shotcut will remember this setting until you change it again.

So if you have left your video mode set to Automatic, if the first file you import is a video with 3 fps, then your video mode will be 3fps.

Here is an example: I set the video mode to Automatic, didn’t change it. Opened a video clip and ignored Shotcut’s warning to convert the video to Edit Friendly.

Default selected for export, and as you can see in the Advanced mode (nothing changed), I get the same FPS as the source file I opened up.

You’re working with 3fps, and 6fps files (as stated in your other post). Not quite sure why you would export to 60fps.

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Thank you. I am working with 60fps clips for non-timelapsed sections of videos, and 6fps for timelapsed sections of videos. Your answer should help, much appreciated.

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