Lost the .mlt file :/

Hi everyone!

Thanks for having developed and contributed to this awesome software!

I had unintentionally done a ridiculous thing and deleted the .mlt file while I was in rush trying to create space in my hd :confused: Then yes, I even emptied the trash :frowning:

Now I’m trying Disk Drill to recover deleted files and while it’s taking time and doesn’t seem to recover what I need, I’m curious if there’s any other way, wizardy magical way, to get to open the project that I was working on for weeeeeks…

Is there any ideas?
Thanks a bunch!

What operating system are you running? There is a super remote chance that some older auto-save files might still be sitting around. The location to find them depends on your operating system.

Aside from that, it sounds like you’re already doing the best you can do. Sorry for your loss.

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Thanks @Austin

It’s Mac OS. And I tried to wizard around the potential autosave file at Settings → App Data Recover → Set/Save but no luck :confused:

For example, there’s a db.sqlite3 file in Shotcut library folder where autosave files are also located. It’s a pretty large file over 38mb. Is there a chance that it saves something possible to retrieve lost data…?

No, there isn’t individual project data in the SQLite file.

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If you use TimeMachine, it makes regular backups of your hard drive automatically

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