Lost opacity in a text simple filter

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I use the snap version of Shotcut version 23.12.15 on an Ubuntu Studio 22.04 and make videos in which I subtitle from Spanish to English adding a simple text filter. For some time now I have noticed that when loading projects, some simple text fields randomly lose their opacity at 100% and remain at 0%. It’s a problem because every time I modify something in the project I have to go through the entire project to see if any text fields have become invisible. Does this happen to anyone else? Thank you very much and if you want to see any of my videos this is my channel https://www.youtube.com/@artsak75/featured

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Utilizo la versión snap de Shotcut versión 23.12.15 en un Ubuntu Studio 22.04 y realizo videos en los que subtitulo del español al inglés añadiendo un filtro de texto simple. Desde hace un tiempo he comprobado que al cargar los proyectos, de manera aleatoria algunos campos de texto simple pierden la opacidad al 100% y se quedan al 0%. Es un problema porque cada vez que modifico algo del proyecto tengo que repasarlo entero para ver si algún campo de texto se ha vuelto invisible. ¿Esto le pasa a alguien más? Muchas gracias y si queréis ver alguno de mis videos este es mi canal https://www.youtube.com/@artsak75/featured

I also noticed this for all saved text presets in previous versions.

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I see the same problem as Daniel47: all my old text-simple presets end up being assigned 0% opacity after upgrading Shotcut.

Since effectively everything was at 100% opacity in older versions, that’s what should really be assigned to presets without an opacity setting, but it ends up at 0% instead. It would be nice for this to be fixed, so that users’ presets don’t change behaviour like this.

Until it is you can fix your preset in 2 ways:

  • Select it, correct Opacity, add the preset with the same name
    1. Settings > App Data Directory > Show
    2. go to presets/dynamicText
    3. open the preset file (its name may be slightly encoded) in a text editor
    4. BEFORE the last line containing “…”
      opacity: 1
    5. save

The preset issue is fixed for the next release, not yet the reported bug. That is one much trickier.

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Thanks. I’ve already fixed a few the first way, and I’m glad to hear it’s fixed in software in the next release.

To be fair, you and your team are usually careful to make sure that this sort of change doesn’t break users’ previous projects, presets, etc. - so this type of problem is uncommon.

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