Lost audio output after using HDMI on pop_os

I’m running pop_os on a System76 Adder WS, which has an HDMI output port, which works only when the NVidia graphics engine is enabled. I needed to route app output to HDMI for a task, then switched back to using the built-in audio to the headphone jack. On pop_os, the default is to run Pulse Audio on top of ALSA. I’ve got Jack installed, but I don’t normally use it.

My problem is that after my stint with directing system and app playback audio out the HDMI device, I had to switch audio output for various devices back to the built in headphone audio, and this worked for all devices except for Shotcut. I used the sound settings panel, I used pavucontrol command, and I searched high/low for audio out control within Shotcut, and I still can’t hear the audio while editing even though the meters and bouncing and I can see the waveform. I even went so far as to install the latest shotcut and I still can’t hear.

Are there system wide configuration files or per-user configuration where shotcut keeps audio output device selection? Any other idea what’s wrong?

Answering my own question here, I finally found the tiny mic mute icon, and even after unmuting, I had to push up the out level control. So it was both muted and set to zero level. I’m running high res graphics so the icons are tiny.

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