Lossless export gives massive quality loss


When exporting my video I experience massive quality loss.

I’ve looked at a lot of videos of people saying to just increase the quality box but that doesnt change anything. I’ve also tried changing codecs but those give me errors when playing them back in Windows.

Drive with files

I know very little about this stuff so please keep it as simple as possible.
(also I for some reason can’t play videos with ffv1 codecs so please don’t suggest that)

Thanks in advance :smiley:

The usual culprit is a timeline resolution that is way lower than the export resolution. The video mode of the project has to be set correctly, ideally before editing begins. If the video mode is set wrong, then the project is rendered at (for example) 1280x720 and then scaled up to 3840x2160 at export time which will look very blocky.

I suggest to choose a specific video mode instead of using “Automatic”. If you do not see a video mode that meets your need, you can create a custom video mode.

I was pretty confident in the automatic project thing but I guess doing it manually is fine. Thnx :smiley:

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