Lossless 90 degree video rotation?

I have some input video that was shot in portrait mode (ffmpeg reports rotation “270”). If I use the Rotate filter to rotate my video back to landscape mode, I have to use a zoom of 16/9 (177.78%) to get rid of windowboxing and fill the screen. Is this procedure lossy? If so, how can I rotate my video by 90 degrees losslessly? ffmpeg supports adding rotation metadata that many media players can use (https://stackoverflow.com/a/31683689)

See here for a possible solution outside of Shotcut:

Of course it will affect any natural elements unnaturally, such as the horizon being vertical and people/cars etc moving vertically - is this what you want?

I am aware it is possible to do this outside of shotcut using a tool like ffmpeg. Is this possible losslessly within Shotcut?

And yes, I really do want to rotate the video from 1080x1920 to 1920x1080. I was recording a top-down view from my phone and it recorded in portrait mode incorrectly.

Metadata-only change: No.

Rotate then export with lossless codec: Yes. But the exported file will be huge.

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