Loop preview of video / preview video from start?

Hi, everytime I preview the video in Shotcut, I have to drag the timeline handle back to the beginning. This is very annoying and tedious. How can I make it ‘replay’ the video so that the handle goes back to the beginning? I know space plays the timeline, but once it reached the end of the timeline, pressing space again doesn’t make it preview the video from start again.

Or am I missing something? Or is there a shortcut that I can use to put the handle at the start of the video? Thanks.

Using the buttons ‘Home’ and ‘End’ (Windows) will move the playhead from beginning to end respectively.

Thanks. I’m using a small keyboard without Numpad. I didn’t see any options to set shortcuts? Would be nice to to be able to press space again so it would play from the beginning since it reached the end of the timeline anyway.

Sorry, but editable shortcuts aren’t available yet but they are on the roadmap. The keyboard shortcuts page may help in other areas though.

Home and End keys are often issued with Fn-Left and Fn-Right on some limited size keyboards. But that’s not even close to a guarantee, so if this is important to you, then maybe you could try AutoHotkey to assign a key combination for the Home and End keys and then try @Andy_M’s suggestion above. That will work.

Edit: AutoHotkey is great but might be overkill. For simple remapping try one of these:

I remember using the free version of keymapper a long time ago and it worked fine.

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Thanks! I knew about the Fn keys, but they’re a bit annoying. I just need something with literally a press of the button. Thanks for the suggestions!

P.S. Is that ‘press space to start playback from beginning’ also on the roadmap? Or a loop option?

You’re welcome and that’s … interesting.

Caveat: I live almost exclusively on keyboard shortcuts wherever possible and I am clearly biased towards that approach, since I find them much faster than constantly reaching and moving the mouse. But consider this for a moment; which is more annoying?

  1. Having to constantly move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse, then click the pointer to the timeline playhead, and then drag it all the way back.
  2. Fn-left arrow.

Also, the editable shortcuts on the roadmap may well require a key combination to prevent the assigning of a single key, which can then result in unwanted behaviour while in other applications.

If your take is that you aren’t willing to use the Fn key due to it being annoying (even though it is clearly superior to the alternative outlined in the OP) then may I suggest a new keyboard with dedicated home and end buttons? While I agree that a loop button could be useful, given there are readily available and simple solutions for this “problem”, I understand why there are more pressing features in development. However, you can certainly submit it as a feature request.

Good luck!

Je pense que chacun a ses préférences.
Pour ma part, je ferais simplement remarquer que depuis que les zones de texte ont été remplacées par des spinbox il est possible de réaliser un projet complet sans clavier, juste avec une souris donc sans déplacement de la main entre la souris et le clavier, alors qu’il est impossible de le faire sans souris avec seulement un clavier.

I think everyone has their own preferences.
For my part, I would simply point out that since the text boxes have been replaced by spinboxes it is possible to do a complete project without a keyboard, just with a mouse and therefore without moving the hand between the mouse and the keyboard, whereas it is impossible to do it without a mouse with only a keyboard.

Le plus simple aujourd’hui si vous ne voulez pas utiliser les raccourcis:
Ajuster la partie du projet que vous souhaitez rejouer à la longueur de la timeline.
Une fois arrivé à la fin, un double-clic sur le premier clip ramènera la tête de lecture au début de celui-ci.
Relancer la lecture avec le bouton play

The easiest today if you don’t want to use shortcuts:
Adjust the part of the project you want to replay to the length of the timeline.
When you get to the end, double-clicking on the first clip will bring the playhead back to the beginning of it.
Restart the playback with the play button

Another way is to highlight the whole of the playhead timecode and delete it. This will reset it to ZERO and return the playhead to the beginning of the video. The sequence is left-click Delete Enter


The way I do it now is hold the mouse and cursor at the start of the timeline or wherever I want it to start previewing and press space to play. Then when I want to ‘restart’ I press space to stop playing or wait until it reaches the end of the timeline. Then I left click where I left my cursor and press space again. Of course this is not possible if you are zoomed in too much and the playhead goes ‘out’ of the current viewable timeline.

Implementing a loop feature would be a great addition, just a simple tickbox or button will do.

Since much work in Shotcut requires the mouse, it’s easier to be able to keep working with it, rather than using shortcuts for all editing, which I don’t think is realistic at all, going without a mouse is just impossible, so even you will still be lifting your hand many times.

Using shortcuts is possible, but you need to refocus on your keyboard every time, find the keys, back to the mouse, mine is simply a suggestion to make workflow easier. I intentionally use a small keyboard without numpad because it’s much more ergonomical, and thus the mouse is much closer to your hand, and when you want to type, you don’t have to move yourself or the keyboard every time because of the numpad.

I do find it odd that you ‘dismiss’ a loop button because you favor using shortcuts personally. Like someone stated, everyone has their own preferences, and my intention is to make working with Shotcut a little easier with every step. So why not have something for everyone?

Sure, and I completely agree, which is why I was happy to admit my own bias towards shortcuts and I don’t expect everyone to use them all the time (since that will never ever happen, and I didn’t mean to suggest such a thing, so sorry if I wasn’t clear on that)!

But in the context of the OP given the data presented - for example, there is a mini keyboard being used & the user is happy to use the space bar to start and stop the play head, but doesn’t want to use Fn + ← to return to the beginning - then, in this single use case my point still stands.

P.S. I wish my German was as good as your English (and yes, I know you were communicating in French!)

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