Looking For Audio Tip

I’m looking to add a bit audio between cuts to remove the obvious sound of no audio. Something like barely audible white noise or something. Getting rid of that sound of the audio abruptly ending combined with a fade out/fade in will make my chapters more seamless. Is there a name for this type of ambient sound? I’ve managed to use a bird chirping clip to cure one transition, but I’ll need that sort of ambient open air background sound to cure the others.

There are audio resources links here.

Yes, the name is ‘room tone’.

The sound recordist will take a moment when recording audio to record the space without anything happening in the space where the video is being made. If it hasnt been done especially, look for a some empty dialogue or just a spot where there is no nothing happening. Cut out the audio, you may need to loop it and place in the offending silent spots or during your cuts or whatever.


Thanks Independent.

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