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A while back there was a post by Doc Salvager complaining that the method to log out was hard to find. Yes, it was hard to find, and now I can’t find it where it used to be. Why do people change things to make it harder for users? The place where logging out used to be in the top right user icon is gone - the only thing that shows up is a list of notifications. The top bar of various other user account functions is gone. Can somebody please direct me where to find the explicit logout control now?

Thanks Dmitry. So the functions bar that was previously along the top of the drop down is now on the right side. Which was cut off on my browser until I set the page magnification to 90% to reveal it (Win10Pro/Laptop/FFX113.0.1). How many other people may have run into this situation, do you suppose?

I fully agree with Doc Salvager’s original observation that the log in/out functions really ought to be up front on the forum main page rather than hidden under TWO levels of navigation. It’s basic human engineering. I understand that the developers of Shotcut don’t have direct control over the forum page design, but I hope they’ll pass on the desire, at least from me, to make the log in/out functionality more obvious.

Thanks again for the help and a tip o’ the chapeau to the developers of Shotcut for continuing to improve such a fine product.,


That is part of the forum software.

There was a discussion about this topic on their forum:

Just of curiosity, why do you need to log off ?
An action you don’t need very often is fine, to be moved to a sub menu IMHO
But it is part of the forum software, like @Hudson555x said, so it is outside the control of the shotcut developers, they are better using there time on hacking on shotcut, than hacking on the webside software.

To TimLau:

I want to log out of this and any other web site as soon as I’m done with it because I don’t want to leave my presence on the 'net any more than necessary. I run as clean an operation as I can and as a consequence have minimal spam issues, e.g. maybe one spam email every 6 months.

As far as “an action you don’t need very often…”, I disagree because it depends on individual practise and preference. To me, if logging in is a requirement to be on this forum and the means to do it is up front on the main page, then logging out ought to be there in the same place. Per my net surfing practise, I use the Log Out function equally as many times as the Log In function.

This is the last time I’m going to post on this thread as I think my feelings on the subject are clear enough, holding out hope that somehow they will filter down to the Discourse developers.

FYI like in Shotcut, the forum keyboard shortcut ? shows all of the shortcuts (except when in compose or search text fields, of course). From there you can find

I realize that is always not easy to remember as there are so many web sites that you visit, but in case someone finds it helpful. At least ? is becoming a somewhat common convention.

Just want to understand your usecase, In your case, I would use a private browser window to access the forum, it will wipe all cookies when then window is closed and your login will not be remembered, so no need to logoff

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