Log of Files Used in MLT

Hi. Is there a way to view or export a list of all of the files (video, audio, etc.) that an MLT file contains and is expecting when it loads?

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Hi @Zonenshine
Maybe this will fit your needs: Forum member @Elusien created an online app called
Shotcut MLT file Analyzer

Import your MLT file and the app will list all the files, filters and transitions used in the project.

You can use the Download List of Resources button to download a list (.txt format) of all the files used in the project.

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Using some Regular Expression voodoo

cat somefile.mlt | grep -oP "<property name=\"resource\">\K([\s\w\\\/\.]*\.\w*)"

Windows: (powershell / windows terminal)
Get-Content .\somefile.mlt | ? {foreach ($match in [Regex]::new('<property name=\"resource\">(?<File>.*\..*)<').Matches($_)){$group = $match.Groups; write-host $group["File"].Value}}

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