Locking subwindows

There is one irritating thing for me in shotcut. All those small subwindows like keyframes timeline filters jobs etc. can be moved and rearranged (size, place etc.). Quite often I do it unintentionally when editing and then first I have to restore my preferred arrangement, secondly it takes ages to lock again window on its place (not sure if it’s general problem or only my amd 7 3700u processor but it really takes ages and system becomes not responsive for 15-20 seconds thus you understand why it’s so irritating).

Concluding I would suggest to add additional feature in View menu called “Lock windows”/“Unlock windows”. In locked state it would not be possible to change size and arrangement of any subwindows. I’m sure that many people would appreciate it and it seems not to be very complicated (at least for first glance).

Any chance to add this?

See the existing View > Show Title Bars that helps prevent this.

it takes ages to lock again window on its place

If you accidentally floated a panel and now want to return docked into the main window, double-click its title bar. Likewise, double-clicking the docked panel’s title bar floats it.

Thank’s a lot for this hint. I didn’t know it. :slight_smile:
However I still believe that adding locking function (for all subwindows at once) would be nice. :slight_smile: