Locking Audio and video tracks together, multi track editing

Being able to lock an audio track to a video track in the timeline would make it easier to edit videos where voice is recorded seperatly from the video.

Makeing editing buttons work on multilple tracks, making them seem to work as a single track

There is a little support for this in the form of a “Ripple all tracks” option in the Timeline menu. You still have to slice/split one track at-a-time, but then edits such as insert, ripple delete, and trimming will affect all unlocked tracks.

I’d also appreciate some form of locking / grouping. Especially when rearranging and editing lots of clips recorded in several takes with 2 audio devices that needs syncing as I’m doing right now :slight_smile:

Sorry for the threadkick, but I’d just like to “third” the vote for adding some sort of support to synchronise a video file with an audio file.

Locking an audio and a video track together so you can to edit, cut, delete etc. them both as if it’s one track, or something like that, would be much appreciated.

Yes, 5 yrs later,… but this would be excellent. It’s easy to sync double system sound, but hard to move in sync . It would be sooo handy to lock/link an audio and a video track together and move them.

This is a great program, but it would be super awesome with a lock/link.