Lockdown Music Video

Hi all.
I’ve been using Shotcut to put together lockdown videos for the folk band I play in.
This is the most recent one. Video footage is all mobile phones. Audio was recorded on either laptops or a Zoom portable recorder. Audio tracks were synced up, processed and mixed down into stereo on Cubase DAW and the stereo mix brought into Shotcut.
I’m the guy playing the funny thing. :slight_smile:


I love the song ! I watched the video at least 5 times. Great job, all of you.
Something caught my eyes in the video though. The mandolin clip is slightly out of synch with the audio. Maybe one or two frames behind. And I think the Chapman stick clip may be ahead one frame. But I’m not quite sure. For most of the video your fingers and lips look perfectly in synch but there are a couple of places where I’m not sure…
Still a great adaptation and interpretation of this beautiful song. Thanks a lot for sharing

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Haha - your eyes are too sharp! :grinning:
I recorded the Stick and voice separately to avoid having any acoustic noise from the stick on the vox track. I then mimed to to the whole track for the vid. And yes, I had to slide a couple of bits about to match as well as I could. Mandolin and percussion players did the same. Fiddle completely live though.
Glad you enjoyed it.

A catchy tune. It’s a sign of success if the listener can remember the tune after it’s done and your tune is currently stuck in my head. :slightly_smiling_face:

I like the combination of instruments. It’s a refreshing change from the norm.

Aye - sorry about that! :grinning:

Well, well - 40 years teaching music and I’d never even heard of a Chapman Stick - until now! I enjoyed researching it and your performance is great. So relaxing. Thanks!!

Thank you! As a teacher, you will be very well aware that every day is a school day… as it should be!

@emg456 Yes indeed - we’re never to old to learn something new!

As an aside, although my family is not Scottish, my mother was an avid amateur Scottish Country Dancer and as a child I grew up listening to records of Jimmy Shand and his band practically on a daily basis!

I’m just mentioning this - I know yours is a different genre. Your sound is great. Thank you for keeping the Scottish folk tradition alive!

Love the Chapman Stick. I’ve been a long time fan of Tony Levin & Trey Gunn (both of King Crimson fame as well as other projects) who are both known for their Chapman chops. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on one, but alas - the old six-string electric guitar is what I have to play with right now. One day tho…

A lovely song that makes my Scotch blood smile. And an excellent video. I did pick up a few of the time lapses (as noted by @MusicalBox above), but you really have to watch for them. Great work!

See You In The Shadows…

What a great video! And I love how your band won’t let the shutdown get in the way of your making wonderful music together!

@Candle and @stgtravels - thanks for your comments. Very much appreciated.

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