Local Video Playback Poor [Solved - Disabled 'Use Hardware Encoder']

Since updating to version 23.05.07, my local video playback of videos exported from Shotcut has been appalling (in five different media player apps). Strangely though if I upload a video to YouTube, it plays there fine. Here are my export settings (which were actually reset/default):
export settings

Audio plays fine but I essentially get black screen or if I click around on the timeline during playback, I get video but at a different position to the audio. The video file is here (which is in 9:16 aspect ratio for a Youtube short).

I would be greatful for any help or advice please.

As a test, I would suggest to uncheck “Use hardware encoder”. Other users have been reporting problems with it.

Thanks for taking the time to reply Brian. That has indeed solved the problem. I have to disable using a hardware encoder in my Insta360 Studio software so perhaps I should have thought of this and perhaps this is something to do with my hardware configuration. If I can be of help, let me know. Thanks again!

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