Loading problems with Shotcut

I was very happy with Shotcut. was.

Then today I opened a folder on my desktop (I’ve got windows 10) and I realised that my operating system doesn’t recognise the .mlt extension opens with Shotcut. So, I double clicked on my .mlt project file, then windows asked me to pick an app to open it with, and I chose Shotcut. And then, everything happened as it should…Shotcut opened…my project loaded.
But after this, my editor playback window suddenly becomes really laggy, I mean like 1 frame every 10 seconds. It was fine yesterday, my project even had more layers yesterday.

It’s tricky to find fixes for a generic problem like this, even on your own forum. I was hoping to get my project done by now,.
I went on youTube and saw a video on Shotcut stability.
It suggested changing the ‘Display Method’, to another option. Now I don’t know if my machine has a gfx card or not, but hey, I thought Id try changing the display method and if it doesn’t work, I could always change it back, right? WRONG!! straight away, Shotcut closed with an error box appearing with gabelde gouk in it, something about the settings being wrong.
Now when I try to load Shotcut I get the same error box popping up and Shotcut doesn’t even bother to load.
So I reinstalled Shotcut….
same error box…
so I remember my friend doing a trick with the registry (yeh he talks like it’s supposed to be common knowledge), I found a key(?) sure, named shotcut but the entry is blank.

I don’t know what to do.

I’ve really enjoyed learning new video editing stuff with Shotcut so far, till today.

Ok, so I’m replying to myself, to say that,
IT’S Fixed!!! Yay!!

I performed a system restore on my operating system, it took about 30 mins, that’s about normal.

Lessons learned and good advice, I think,

1/. If windows10 doesn’t recognise your .mlt files as opening with anything, then, just let it be! I let windows10 know that .mlt files should open with Shotcut, and straight after I got a laggy editing playback window. coincidence? not sure.

2/. Unless you know what you’re doing, leave the ‘display method’ in settings well alone. Choosing the wrong one ‘locked’ me out of the program, I couldn’t change it back.

3/. When you uninstall Shotcut, well, I’m not sure what actually happens, because there’s still a folder C:/Program Files/Shotcut full of files, and registry entries are and config files in the user data. Well, check out this guy’s youTube about it,

I found this while my machine was restoring.

The windows installer has an option to clear the Shotcut registry settings. If you are using the Microsoft store app, you can right click the app to access an option to reset the app. Other users can consult the FAQ and website for documentation on the settings. The key for this is named “opengl” and you can remove the existing entry to return to default.

File extension association is harmless and does not affect the way Shotcut runs. You experienced something bad by coincidence.

I think this can only happen if the app is still running. It might be hidden but stuck as a background process. Shotcut never intentionally continues running in the background, but we have seen it become a hidden zombie process and have already made changes a few times to prevent this. The installer simply removes the directory. I just retested, and it works.

One can always and safely remove the Shotcut program folder, and it something is preventing that look for a shotcut.exe in Task Manager and end it, or reboot.

This is by design. Uninstall does not imply purging. You might be changing versions, which would be very unfriendly. I intentionally keep the installer and uninstaller simple because sometimes less is more. So, there is no uninstall UI.

Thank you.
Your answers are really informative.
I’m big fan ‘Shotcut’

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