Live Electronic Music

-Korg MS-20Kit as CV controller for Behringer K-2 (above MS-20 out of camera)

-Korg Modwave custom pad patch “Global 23D”

This patch uses a global LFO for the Vibrato and Tremolo.

-Starts MS-20Kit and K-2

-Modwave brings us out!

-Composed and recorded live

-Zoom H1 for audio

-Panasonic FZ-1000 DSLR for video

-Edited with Shotcut Free Editor
-used Audio Spectrum Display, Glow, Vertigo on Audio Display on Right


I like it! Made me feel a bit nostalgic also. Got some flashbacks from the 70’s with images of Wakeman, Banks, Vangelis, Jarre and Emerson :slight_smile:

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I like too. It reminds me of RetroSound YouTube channel, but I think yours is more creative.


Thank you for making me 50 years younger for 3 min. 50 sec.
In those days, Oxygène & Equinoxe (J.M. JARRE) played in my walkman all the time. :smiling_face_with_tear: :+1:


That was fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I especially like to see the ways people find to use the audio visualization filters. I also admire your power strip solution to plug in all the power supplies. What a great setup!

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They way I record my music is the output of the Mackie 2404VLZ mixer goes directly to
the Zoom H-1 for high quality wave recording.

This tracks forms an audio only video layer and has the Audio Visualization applied.

The Zoom H-1s output then feeds the mic in of the FZ-1000 DSLR which records the
video but also a proxy audio channel as well.

The audio layer is then synched to the video with the track tools.

By applying the Audio Visualization the Audio track which sits on top of an overlayed live Video track,
I can add all sorts of glows and vertigo but also keeping the video track clean from effects.

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Great stuff!

I enjoyed the music and the waveform.
You should try to get another camera and give another perspective.
The Lumix FZ 1000 produced a good quality video. Did you shot that in 4K?
I will try to buy a Lumix G85 next year (whater sealing + larger sensor) but the Lumox FX 1000 or Lumix FZ 1000 II are open options…
Congrats for your work!

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1280x720 on the FZ-1000.

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