Little Bug in Shotcut

There ist still a little Bug in Shotcut 19.09.14 and earlier Versions, both on Linux (Linux Mint 19.2) and Windows (Windows 7, 10).


(1) I move the playhead to the startpoint, for example the beginning of the movie.

(2) I press “I” on the keyboard to trim the movie on the timeline. Now the waveform will be displayed wrong. It seems that Shotcut will display it from the beginning of the file, not from the beginning of the trimmed clip.

(3) When i press the “Reset”-button on the properties tab the waveform will be displayed correct.

When I am splitting the clip with “S” it works correct, Shotcut then will rebuild the waveform automatically.

I found where a line of code was missing that could be causing this, but when I try to reproduce it to confirm the fix, I cannot reproduce it!
I will go ahead with the code change in the next version 19.10 with the hope that it fixes it under the conditions where it occurs for you.

Thank you for spending so much of your lifetime for this project!

This is fixed in the current version 19.10.20.
Thank you.

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