List resolution of clips

I edit videos of several different sizes. I would like to sort them by resolution. Combine and edit them in their original size, before possible scaling and joining to clips of other resolutions. I haven’t found this feature in file managers. It would be great to find this ready in a playlist without having to open the clip and look at the properties

I know this is not what you are looking for, but have you considered renaming your clips before importing them in your playlist?

Rename clip01.mp4 to 1920x1080_clip01_.mp4
Rename clip02.mp4 to 1280x720_clip02.mp4
Then import the clips in the Playlist and sort them by name.
All the clips with the same dimensions will be grouped together

This could be time consuming if you have a lot of clips. But if you make this part of your workflow, in the end, you’ll make your work easier.

Thank you for your respond.
That’s exactly what I’ve done. I’m looking for an easy solution to this. And it’s somewhat difficult to find, especially on the Linux side when you’re not used to work with the command line.

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