List of filters available with GPU effects and without GPU effects

Many forum users keep posting about missing filters.

Filters available without GPU effects.

Filters available with GPU effects.

They also miss pressing the show all button.

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Might be easier to put it in text. Post valid (afaik) as of 2018.07.02

The same filters are largely available for both, except for:



Text can still be achieved with GPU effects enabled using e.g. the HTML overlay. Stabilization and Diffusion don’t have immediate equivalents. Diffusion - depending on whether you need to match the exact look or not - can probably be replaced with the Glow filter or the Blur filter (use multiple for higher quality blurs as Blur only does a box blur; multiple will approximate a Gaussian blur) with Opacity filter and possibly the track’s Blend mode. Stabiization is often best done as a pre-pass anyway as it tends to be fairly computationally heavy.

:warning:️ Disclaimer: GPU effects are currently considered experimental and may affect stability.

Shotcut uses the GPU for audio effects?