Just out of curiosity what is Lissajous and when or how would you use it? Any examples?

Wikipedia has an excellent presentation for lissajous.

I was able to show those on an oscilloscope years ago but can’t think of an application for video production.


Thanks for the information @kenj69 I now wonder even more, how this would be used in a video?

How about this:

(Type “Lissajous curve HTML CSS” into Google …)

Many thanks for this info, take a gander at this one:

Makes a decent warp hole.


Yes indeed, very interesting stuff ! Thanks for bringing up this subject.

Wow, cool! Can I of course ask how you did it? :smiley:

Used a Lissajous clip with the x and y ratios set to 0.50 to make an ellipse. Added RS and Rutt-Etra-Izer filters for the warp.

Here’s the project.
Lissajous Warp.mlt (21.2 KB)

You’ll need this video for the USS Enterprise.


Thanks, @sauron, will try it out!

Many thanks, off to have a play…

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