Linux: What happened with the latest update?

I’m on Endeavour OS (KDE) and since the latest update Shotcut looks and behaves differently.
I already saw threads about dark theme not working but it’s not just that.
I suddenly get a file picker that looks (and behaves) like it’s from the late 90s/early 00s:

But ok, I thought it’s more or less just optics, so I started working. But things are different here also. Whenever I add a clip or picture to my timeline I get a marker(?) or additional box(?) or whatever. I have no idea what that is but I know it wasn’t there ever before:

So what is going on here?

That was changed to fix a crash. But it is still functional.

I have not figured out how to recreate that. But it does look strange. The red box is the selected clip outline. When you add a clip to the timeline is should be outlined because it is selected. But for some reason the outline is not around the clip. If you select other clips, does the outline go to the correct spot?

OK, I can live with that! And yes, it’s fully functional, just not very convenient.

I did some work yesterday and I can tell you that it’s just an visual bug. The lines/boxes don’t have any effect and they also seem to appear/disappear randomly. But everything works!
I tried with both installed kernels (6.1 LTS and 6.3.2) but there’s no difference. Oh, and I’m on Wayland if that matters.

Update: I used the new version for about 6 hours over the last two days.
Stability seems to be improved! Over this 6 hours Shotcut only crashed twice! On the version before I often had multiple crashes per hour, sometimes less than 20 minutes apart.

BUT: Preview seems to be worse than ever! I can’t even preview the most simple transitions (Dissolve, Bar…) without extreme stuttering. Preview scaling to 720p or even 540p doesn’t help. I have no explanation for this. It started on the previous version IIRC but before it was fine.

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