[Linux] Shotcut crashes after moving clip in timeline

What is your operating system?
Running on Gentoo Linux, 64-bit, Kernel 6.1.66-gentoo

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)?
Shotcut 22.12.21
(mlt 7.20.0-r1)

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
The crashes happen when moving a video clip in the timeline AND there is another clip AFTER the moved clip on the same video track.
When the mouse button is released, shotcut crashes.
The log file ends with

[Debug  ] <TimelineDock::onClipMoved> moving clip at QPoint(39,1) start 13801 + 34 = 13835
[Debug  ] <TimelineDock::onClipMoved> moving clip at QPoint(41,1) start 16699 + 34 = 16733
[Debug  ] <TimelineDock::setSelection> Changing selection to ()  trackIndex -1 isMultitrack false
[Debug  ] <Timeline::MoveClipCommand::redo> track delta 0
[Info   ] <MLT> [link swresample] 2(stereo) f32le 44100Hz -> 2(stereo) f32le 48000Hz
[Debug  ] <TimelineDock::setSelection> Changing selection to (QPoint(39,1))  trackIndex -1 isMultitrack false
[Info   ] <AvformatProducerWidget::onFrameDecoded> color transfer 1 = "ITU-R BT.709"
[Debug  ] <TimelineDock::onClipMoved> moving clip at QPoint(39,1) start 13835 + 110 = 13945
[Debug  ] <TimelineDock::setSelection> Changing selection to ()  trackIndex -1 isMultitrack false
[Debug  ] <Timeline::MoveClipCommand::redo> track delta 0
[Error  ] <MLT> [mlt_producer 0x55d95b15af50] "<playlist>" Playlist can not create blank producer without profile

The last clip on the video track can always be moved without issues.
I’m aware that the shotcut version is not current and the install is not snap-based.
But is there an explanation for the logged error and could there be any kind of workaround? Would this be fixed in newer versions?

Thanks in advance

All of the Shotcut builds are available an in a convenient portable package for Linux. I recommend to download the portable version that you are using (22.12.21) and also the very latest version and try them. That’s what one of us would have to do anyway to answer your question. If you can recreate the problem with the latest portable version, it would be good to provide a bare minimum project example - preferably using built-in generators like color and color bars. That makes it easy for us to reproduce and fix the issue.

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Hi and thanks for the quick response.
The AppImage of the same version crashes at a different point rather quickly, so there doesn’t seem to be a lot of sense in using that.
When going to the current release (23.11.29), the previously described crash doesn’t seem to happen.

I would have preferred to run the distro version. But as it looks like I’m stuck with Qt5 in that case for the time being, I’ll go with the AppImage.