Linux! And which graphics editing program?!


with Windows I’m using normally PaintDotNet…, but under Linux…
But I got, IMHO, a good hint: KRITA
It looks promising. Many features and really accurate.
Currently I’m using KRITA for, more or less, simple things like erasing, cutting, copying for PNG files. But also there has KRITA many<!> options to get the best possible result.

Maybe it is helpful for one or the other…

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Gimp & Inkscape (vector graphics)
Both work on any platform.


Pers.<!>, I do get familar with GIMP…, it’s too laborious to me.
GIMP: I’m, 'til today<!>, not able to make, fast, a simple shape, filled and bordered…
With PaintDotNet, nothing special. And also with KRITA.
KRITA: It’s self explanatory to me, like PaintDotNet (and also like Shotcut<!>), what GIMP isn’t.
Howsoever, I thought maybe some, who are using also Linux, and are searching for a good graphics editing program, this thread could be useful…

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Linux alternative Pinta.
Gravit is cross platform.



I used PINTA…, but, as part of Linux Mint 18.1, it’s trash, IMO. Zoom isn’t working correctly, erasing has only minimal functions…, and some more I cannot remember yet.

Try Gravit Designer. It’s pretty easy to use.


Thanks for the tip! :smiley: The program looks as if a drawing tablet would be an advantage.

Gravit used to be free. A little over a year ago Gravit was sold to Corel Corporation. There is a free version there, but it doesn’t compare to the hefty $49/year subscription price for the pro version.

Personally, never been a fan of Corel software, ever, and purchased many throughout my time with computers. Sad to see Corel go down the path of subscription based software.

I see, so I don’t have to download it! :frowning:

As of Version 2019-2.7 October 10, 2019 Gravit is still free as far as I know. I haven’t paid a dime for it, been using it for nearly 2 years.
The only thing that’s changed is a pop-up comes up once in a while reminding you of the benefits of subscribing to the PRO version.
It exports to png, jpeg, svg, and pdf.


I have an older copy before Corel purchased it, and I have all updates turned off. Someone in the forum disclosed how to change windows registry to not update it automatically, but haven’t used it since.

My main point it’s not full/free software that your projects will be safe 5 years from now if you wanted to access them. In the spirit of Shotcut, I would not recommend software that doesn’t carry the same type of free point of access years from now for your project files.

This was a big topic in the Gravit forum where right after Corel purchased Gravit they quickly updated with a different version, which unless you paid, and you used the advanced features, you were locked out of using those files, such would be the case if you were to use a subscription based product from Adobe or some other subscription software package. With Gravit you have to authenticate yourself even using the free version.

With GIMP & Inkscape you don’t have to authenticate yourself, but both of which come with huge steep learning curves to use it. I’m super slow to learn anything, always have been, and as more and more people are making tutorial videos of the software is the only way I see myself learning it. I literally have to step by step do what they have to do. Until 3 years ago I didn’t fully understand layers until Logos By Nick showed how they worked, or at least I was able to finally comprehend how and why to use them.

PaintShopPro is one reason I still run a copy of Windows from time to time. I really don’t like Gimp because of it’s modular structure and it is complicated.
Just downloaded Krita appimage, this is a non-intrusive way of giving it a try.

I will vote for GIMP.

You are harder than me! :smile:

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You can also think about Online editors like Fotor, Canva etc
If simple editing is all you want. These are good for youtube thumbnails too.

What do you mean by ‘modular structure’?

It’s really bad for the end-user. Serif Affinity (not ported to Linux) has photo and vector graphics software that is not subscription-based.

Gimp+inkscape+Krita is my usual selection for still image editing on pc and linux. I’ve yet to find a raw photo developer I really love though.

When I’m not sure what software I want I always try here and feed it the name of what I want to replace, adobe premier alternatives is how I found shotcut!

Two I know of are darktable and Rawtherapee

Maybe he means all the loose windows by default

I see. You are probably right. it is a bit weird faced with that mode. Is it still the default mode in version 2.10?
@vansloneker, that’s easily fixed from the menu Windows > Single-Window Mode.