Linking directly to github release files might lead to slow download speed

When I press the 64bit windows zip link on I get a download time prediction of multiple hours.

When I go to and download from there, it downloads at fast speed.

Not being logged in into github (use incognito browser mode) might be required to reproduce. It might also depend on where in the world you’re doing it.

A warning might be in order with a link to on the shotcut download page. It’s not a trivial problem because just sending people to might confuse non-tech-savvy people.

So the question is: what damages user base growth/adaptation more? Having extremely slow downloads or sending people to a possibly confusing page to download the file?

Fine from here (Australia) the .zip downloaded in under 3 mins. Might have been an issue with your providers routing.

Seems straight forward to me. The releases are listed in a common fashion with each OS clearly indicated in the file name.
Actually, the web interface is very similar to DropBox, something which is very common in the non-tech-savvy public place.
People might be smarter than you give them credit for, not that it’s your concern though :wink: