Link two or more tracks so I can cut multiple tracks at the same time

Hello guys.

Ill try to explain what I would like to see in some nex update for shotcut:

Im doing some records with multiple audio tracks. These audio tracks are different (one is from my mic, one is from a game and another one is from the browser running some videos or videocalls with people during live) but they all are in sinc as theyre recorded during live streams.

I would like to know is is that possible to mark all these 3 audio tracks and make some kind of link on then so I dont need to select one track to cut than select the other in the same spot to cut again and again.

I dont know how you guys call this kind of feature but what I know is that this could increase usability in Shotcut for many of us whe are editing with this software.

Ill do another request in another topic for something that would be really helpful too.

Sorry about my english.

Hi @vibits

I use this method when I need to cut (split) all tracks at once. Or only a few selected tracks.

This is already possible by using the Ripple All Tracks toggle button on the Timeline toolbar. Then, lock the tracks using the lock toggle in the track header for the tracks you do not want affected.

is that any video showing this working?

is that any chance to have a better approach on some point release?

hello guys.

thanks for the tips but the Ripple All Tracks thing is a no go as it will not make the jobs any simple. so ill continue to select each track to cut. as im doing it for a long time, i can do it faster than using the Ripple All Tracks mettod. but thanks anyway guys.

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