Linear / Blur Filter?

Hi, maybe I think too complicated but I search in Shotcut the possibility of linear filters in conjunction with blur filter to create a kind of miniature view in the video.

This is also called somtimes as Tilt-Shift effect.

Doe’s sombody can help me to find this if it is implemented in shotcut?

Many thanks, Mike

Is this what you’re trying to do?

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Sry for the bad english;

This is how it works:

you give the lower szene a blur effect and to the upper a mask

then, you change the settings of the effects a bit and voila, this is how it looks like:!

First of all, thanks for the answer:
Yes, that’s part of it, but in order to create this in videos so-called linear filters are required, which you can rotate. Here we have a Circle or ellipse view for the Tilt-Shift filter. For example, in a traffic-rich diagonal road. And it have to be work in a Videoclip. Nice beginning.

Thx for your help.

Tanks you verry mutch for your answer:
The blur filter can not be freely positioned on the video. If it were an ellipse or linear arrangement it would not be rotatable.

I say thank you for your help.

I went by the description you provided for what you want to do and the video I found here.. You need to provide an example of the effect you need. It might be reproducible with Shotcut.

You cannot rotate the blur and glow filers in Shotcut but you can rotate them with the mask filter.

It might work with video clips.
If you provide an example it might be done.:slightly_smiling_face:

You can but you don’t need to use multiple tracks with the mask filter. Since version 18.12.23 the mask filter has been vastly improved.

Did a bit of research and I believe you can create a very reasonable tilt-shift effect.

Used the Mask from file and Mask simple shape filters with single and 2 track method. The 2 track method produces better results.
Used blur, contrast, levels. saturation and glow filters as well.

This is just an example of what can be done.

The mlt and source files are here if anyone wishes to experiment further.

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