Lightworks tutorial reproduced with Shotcut

Watched a Lightworks tutorial for applying effects for a title sequence.

Tried to reproduce the sequence with Shotcut. Got it pretty close.:slightly_smiling_face:


Pretty neat @sauron - me likey :slight_smile:
Have you got a link to the LW tutorial, just out of curiosity?

Click this on my post.


DOH! - wood, trees -NAH!

Good work!! :+1::+1: I saw that tutorial some months ago on the LW site - is it the one where you can download the clips of people drinking coffee and play around with different cuts and effects?

I’m intrigued how you got the text semi-transparent with the candle showing through :smiley:

Appreciate you posting - keep 'em coming!!

Having now seen the original (now I’ve overcome my donut brained moment there) that’s a very close reproduction. Well done mate :slight_smile:

Yes that is the tutorial. I believe that’s the only one they have. The clips are very useful for practice editing. LW demo clip

The candle clip is on V2. The main clip on V3. Split in half. The text is on the main clip, used text key frames for the animation. Set the font color to green. Used Chroma key for text opacity. Crop, saturation, and contrast are on the clip as well. The same filters are on the second clip. Put a 3 second transition between the clips.



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I think I got the reproduction 90% right.

Couldn’t get the text transition/blend to look exactly like the tutorial. The only way I could get that right was to use two Quicktime animation with alpha clips and put a dissolve between them. Wanted to use only the available filters to reproduce the LW tutorial. Also, couldn’t get the glow filter to achieve the right effect.

All in all, it was interesting to do. SC is still a capable NLE.

Thank you, @sauron for explaining how you did this. Enlightening - and helpful as usual! Will use some of these techniques. Keep the demos coming now … :grinning::grinning:

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