'Lighten' Blend mode, or equivalent

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I use a ‘lighten’ blend mode in GIMP/PS etc, for smoothing. Simply smooth/blur a cloned top layer, set it to lighten, and done - the details in a photo stay sharp (enough) and the artifacts/blemishes disappear(ish) in flatter areas.

There are many smoothing options in Shotcut, but using that lighten blend mode on a smoothed track, over the original track, feels like it could be a much simpler option (read: lazier option, and I like lazy!).

I’ve had a solid wander through, but I can’t find anything similar.

I’ve also read the various documentation sets here, but to be honest, I’m simply either not clever enough, or lacking background knowledge enough, to make sense of it enough to apply to what I’m thinking and trying to achieve.

Am I simply missing somthing obvious (that is, is there an equivalent that I’ve missed)?

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Hi @GiantSmasher

Did you try the Glow filter?
You can’t go lazier than that :slight_smile:
No need for an additional track, and only one parameter to worry about.

With GPU Effects turned on there is a Diffusion GPU filter that sounds like what you describe.

Not the solution I was looking for directly, but with a little tweaking, it actually does the job on a second track with ~20% opacity. Thanks!

It’s good - thank you - but loses a bit more detail than the tweaked solution above. Also, my laptop’s pretty wimpy… to say the least… so I’ll stick with the “Probably won’t set my machine on fire” option. Appreciate the help though!

In that case, you can use the filter set included in Shotcut called Glow Intensity

That filter set is made of 4 filters, including Glow and Opacity and you can use it to reduce the intensity of the glow filter without the need of a second track.

Edit the parameters of Glow and Opacity until you get result you want and you can save this as a new custom Filter Set.



That did exactly what I was trying to do, thank you. How the heck did I not see that before? How long’s that been there? :sweat_smile:

Hugely appreciated, thank you!


You’re welcome @GiantSmasher.

Glow Intensity was added in version 23.11.29.
So only a couple of months :wink:



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