Life in 100 years... from the perspective of 1899

Let me invite you to have a look on my short video (made with shotcut for sure). I hope it might be interesting for IT geeks and at the same time perhaps someone will advice me sth concerning video editing side of it.

*** How people in the late 19th century imagined life in the year 2000? More than 100 years of difference! Have these predictions turned out to be accurate? ***

Series of images prepared by French artists in 1899 for the famous French World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. The entire work was coordinated by Jean-Marc Côté. How well did they predict the future? Do we live in the underwater depths on a daily basis? Do we travel by electric trains? Do we have machines that turns classic books into audiobooks? Do we heat houses with radium? Do we fly mini planes or helicopters to work?



Very entertaining. What was the fixation on underwater living: harnessing whales and squids like horses and the hippopotamus cavalry? Was this down to Jules Verene’s 20,0000 Leagues Beneath the Sea that was published in 1870? Also stationary airplanes in which firemen fought fires? It was a shame that quite a few predictions were related to warfare. But there were some good predictions - I liked the remote combined harvester.

The editing was done very well and I was very impressed with the wavy film representation at the beginning. I look forward to more of your work.

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Yeah, I also found those drawings extremely interesting. That’s why I decided to prepare my video. And I fully agree that pity that some of those predictions doesn’t become reality. Even if in case of ex. underwater living it’s 50/50 as more and more people are doing diving etc. But sure it’s not for such a scale as in this video.

Thanks a lot for nice words concerning editing. I’m making a lot of effort. Unfortunately yt still doesn’t promote my channel. Only if I put some links somewhere I get some views. Otherwise traffic is extremely poor. And not sure why… Any ideas?

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I liked it too! Well edited and entertaining.

Funny that they predicted we’d have electric trains, but didn’t think of putting a motor on that brain-feeding machine at 5:06 :slight_smile:

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Hi @ken_wawa , Very fascinating, entertaining and well-assembled!! Great editing - well-paced.
I doubt that even these forward-thinking 1899 artists would think that one day it would be possible to produce and edit a video (sorry, talking motion picture) like this in your own home, press a few buttons and immediately have it viewable by millions of people around the globe.
You did a great job and I subscribed! You are one more subscriber close to the magic 1,000!
Thanks for posting!

@MusicalBox I’ve noticed this inconsistency too. However it might be explained with the fact that different people were preparing those drawings…

@jonray, First of all thank you for subscription. It’s very valuable. Well they didn’t predict video editing but they predicted video conferencing thus they were very very close…

Happy to hear you like the video. :slight_smile:

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