Lets figure out why it crashes for some of us

seem to crash for me once in a while, here are my system
FX-8350, 32GB 1600mhz CL9
Radeon RX 480 8GB
Samsung 850 PRO 512GB (system), Samsung 960 EVO 500GB (shotcut runs from this work drive with project files)
Windows 10 x64
Shotcut 17.02.1

Source files are from a D5100 mov/jpeg

i also know of another guy with a FX-8320, 1600mhz ddr3, Samsung 840 pro, win10 that has crashe when dragging clips in from files from amd relive screen capture

is there a debug option? also is there a way i can send debug reports or test files to developer privately? @shotcut

On Windows 10 x64, Shotcut version 17.02.05 I could not produce a crash with .mov or .jpeg files. However there are always some “universal” issues that can cause crashing and/or bugs, so tell me if these suggestions help.

Some things to try:
1.) If GPU processing is enabled, disable it.
2.) Set your video mode back to automatic if it isn’t already.
3.) Try opening files from the menu instead of dragging them in. Sometimes dragging it in gets wonky but after “hard” loading a file from the menu all other sources of that format should be working again.

For debugging messages you can check the program’s application log in the menu under View>Application Log.

Files for testing can be uploaded here in the forums. Private messages can be sent to a user by clicking their profile and hitting “message” at the top right.

Your post history says that your 960 Evo card is new yes? It could be worthwhile to check the installation/drivers again, just in case… :confused:

well it happens on both the 850 evo and the 960 evo, i suspect the program is loading the files sequentially not all at once as it takes ages for it to load around 30+ jpeg and mov files i noticed in taskmgr that it only uses 15% of my 8-core system and it says its “not responding” until it finally loads everything

it seems its stalling in the file loader/importer code

adding a single jpeg image takes around 10 sec so opening a project with 30 jpegs takes 5 min

No. You can try to debug it yourself. Don’t have that skill? Learn it. I had to; it can take years. When I experience a crash or have good steps to reproduce a crash that I also reproduce, I often times take a look and try to fix it. But I have many other obligations and stresses, and Shotcut is low priority. It might take the courage of other developers to provide fixes (you know, this thing called “open source”) and not all fall on my shoulders.

am running it on ryzen 1700X now, and it seems much more stable for some reason