"Let's DANCE" - a music video for flute players

I had fun making this music video. Target audience: flute players and flute teachers.
This one went down well - 400 views in 2 days … woo hoo…

Notable techniques I used:
Flip/Spin animated title text at 0:01.
Keyframed (size and position filter) purple colour box with opacity applied from 0:01 (at 0:05 purple box opens to give horizontal barn door effect - I used 2 video tracks for this and used this technique: https://youtu.be/oUi9J4VURmw).
0:06 - 0:09 keyframed .png of sheet music.
0:10 keyframed vertical purple centre and side bars.
0:11 onwards - carefully edited clips to synch with the music track, including at 01:36 - freeze frame, and 01:37 “explosion” effect (custom transition using this luma image):

The video is then repeated with just the backing track for flute players to play along to.


Cool song ! I think this the first time I hear a flute dance song :grin:
And very cool montage of old footage :slight_smile:

By the way, in the clip from the Elvis Presley movie Viva Las Vegas that you used in your video, at 1:56 did you know that the girl with the red dress is Toni Basil?
You may remember her for her 1981 hit “Mickey”. (Ho Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!).

On the film, she worked with the choreographer on this particular musical number and then taught the dance moves to Elvis and Anne Margret.

No way! You are very eagle-eyed!

@musicalbox - no doubt you noticed that was Bob Hope at 0:50… and at 2:02 he’s joined by … ??
Of course, you’ll know that immediately… :grin:

James Cagney :slight_smile:

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While watching your video, I was thinking: Damn, I wish I was that young with that energy again… and boom ! here comes Bob Hope dancing on that table lol

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LOL! :grinning:

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Encore un super morceau, chapeau bas ! Merci.

Another great piece, Thank you.

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@namna, thank YOU!

Great flute composition and playing as well as a good supporting backing track. This all went well with the video. I really enjoyed this.

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Very nice and lively but if this is really intended for flute players and teachers you can do way better by highlighting the notes as the music goes.
Like in this video (also done with shotcut but only to change the music track)

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Thanks. Feedback is most appreciated! Yes, I’ve already made a few videos where the music is highlighted - here’s one:

In the “Let’s Dance” video though I figured that if the flutist was able to play at the relatively high level then he might not need the music highlighted as it went along … It’s also quite a bit more work synching it together. But I get what you are saying. Thanks for the comment!!

Thank you, I love your compositions.

It is true it would not be useful for a talented flutist (and it would have been more work) but I believe it might have turned this video into an even bigger success as the average person would have been more able to appreciate the skill it requires to follow that mad cursor with a flute !

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I liked the video and the music. :heart_eyes:
Maybe you can pass me the score of the bass.
I’m still an apprentice after so many years (there’s always something to learn). :sweat_smile:
I liked that air of joy and fun.
You know, I always pay more attention to the sound, hahaha. :wink:
Congratulations on your video.

Magnifique et belle musique

Impressive that you made this all with Shotcut, @jonray! This goes to show how far you can get with skills! The video and transitions look fully professional!

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