Let shotcut load more things into memory?

Is there a way to let shotcut read more things into memory? as it becomes easier to have “lots”(I’m at 192 myself on nearly decade old hardware and new stuff has 64 for consumer stuff) it’s entirely possible to load an entire project into memory, other than using a ramdisk as my workspace as opposed to a regular drive is there a way to let it buffer entire clips into memory?

I “only” have 32GB (wasn’t it nice 2 years ago when DDR4 RAM was cheaper?) but would love to know that as well. I’m guessing however that the main bottleneck is decoding of image data and composing and related to CPU, maybe GPU rather than RAM HDD.

Perhaps using a RAMDisk in combination with proxies or with “convert to edit-friendly” might actually add more speed.

It already does that in a shallow manner. The MLT objects representing the project are always held in memory but not all of the media.

is there a way to let it buffer entire clips into memory?

No, and that will likely be far out if ever the case. It is not uncommon for people to have multiple hours of ProRes files in a project, and that will be a few hundred GiB. Today, the level of caching is dynamic using a heuristic based on the number of CPU threads and tracks. Possibly, we can expose a way to increase that in the near- or mid-term.

allowing some ability to increase that seems like an acceptable solution to me.

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