Lens Flare Effects

The new Motion Tracker filter gives you plenty of creative options. Thanks to it, you can make such wonderful effects of light reflections of camera lenses.

I took the original video from here: https://www.pexels.com/uk-ua/video/3888252/
In the main video I used the “Motion Tracker” filter:

And here are the filters I applied for the lens effect:

If you find better images of the lenses, you can create even more impressive effects, I showed the basic settings for the effect.


Nice job; I didn’t actually realise what you had done until I watched the original video.

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Nice work, @dimadjdocent - and thanks for posting how you did it. Informative!!

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Can’t watch the original.
This effect is often called ‘Bokeh-effect’ - many photo filters have them.
Its spec. nice in unsharp fore- or background situations - the lights come up as a bokeh effect.

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