Lens correction and problems with transparency

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Linux Ubuntu 18.04

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I was not sure if to treat this as bug or as a missing feature. It’s probably sth in between. It’s repeatable.

In my opinion Lens Correction filter is missing the field like “Background colour” which is available ex in Size, Position and Rotate. In result if I have two layers: 1 below with image with Lens Correction filter and rounded corners and 2 above with Simple text with opacity ex. 70%, the shutcut suddenly treats the text on higher layer 2 as having opacity 100%. That’s a bit surprising. The only way to solve this is to add below layer 1 the new layer (let’s call it 0) with color #FF000000.

Thanks for help. :slight_smile:

Your description is difficult to understand. Is this what you mean when Lens Correction is applied to the clip on V1?

You can see the text outside the corners is opaque instead of translucent (would be gray due to white mixing with black). This is due to Lens Correction creating an alpha channel and how blending alpha works.

If you want to set the alpha channel fully opaque add the Alpha Channel: Adjust filter:

or Mask: Simple Shape with Width and Height = 100%


Thanks for answering. That’s exactly the problem. The text “Edit your text using the Filters panel” doesn’t have the same color (because of the way how lens correction works as I understand). However from end user perspective who doesn’t know how exactly Lens Correction works it might be very confusing. For me it is. And probably for many others as well.

Why not to add additional property to this filter (in the same way as for Size, Position and Rotate) to define background colour? Sure I can make workaround in the way as you suggest but is that so user friendly?

If it’s by design, let’s treat then as feature proposal. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.