Length of exported movie longer than VLC player

I have a movie I made using SC that was 6:40 in length. When I export it and play back in VLC the movie is only 4:25 in length. Am I using an incorrect export setting?

if you open your exported file in shotcut, how long does shotcut thing it is?

The created file imported to shotcut shows the same as the VLC length. The original time was noted from the time line in Shotcut.

Can you share a screenshot from Shotcut that shows the expected length?

I think this can happen if you change the frame rate in export, which is generally discouraged, and some presets do specify a certain frame rate.
In Export click Reset immediately followed by Export File. Then make sure to check the correct output file after the job finishes.

I have been using 30 fps. Should I be using 25 fps?

Unfortunately I have already deleted the mlt file.

it’s not a 30 vs 25 issue specifically, but if my project is 30 and I set my export to 60 it has the potential to cause odd things to happen with the duration of the clip(IE making it play twice as fast)

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