Lenght of the video differs between Shotcut and other program


The video file I’m working on has a lenght of 3m29s (when I play it with VLC). However when I upload the file to the Shotcut, the file becomes 5m28s in lenght. Still the same file, same beginnig and same ending, and also speed doesn’t seem to be effected (maybe there is a little bit stuttering).

Frame rate seems to be same (25/sec). Video speed is set to 1,000.

Do you have any idea if I am doing something wrong?


This is a hint that the video may be variable frame rate. Not all videos with that speed are, but often they are. Variable frame rate is not supported. In new version 17.12 you can convert this file to an edit-friendly format, which uses the ffmpeg utility and will probably use the corrcet duration.