Leaving Earth

A journey into deep space with some careful use of masking and key frames to stitch the various clips together.


Nice work!
You used some kind of 3d animation tool, right?
At first i thougth all was made with 2d objects and keyframing in SC, but when i saw the rotating asteroids/comets coming towards the viewer and showing different shapes when rotating it was quite sure these are animated 3d objects.
You should explain a little bit how you did that here, so we can discuss pros and cons.
Anyway, nice little video with some relaxing music. If you would like to go for more adventureous tours i would suggest looking for other music, but for a calm down on the evening and relaxing its just right!

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:+1: :+1:

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NICE. :+1: Loving the music!! :smile:

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I think someone did but not me.

I simply took multiple 3rd party videos that are free for personal and commercial use and did my best to make it look like they belong together. Careful use of key frames and masks were essential.

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