Learning how to do animated text masks

I made this short hype video for a high school soccer team while teaching myself how to do animated text masks. 100% made in shotcut in one project file.with no exported clips.


Really nice! :+1:

So you didn’t do the text outside of Shotcut and bring it in? Even the text was made in Shotcut?

Yes I downloaded the font from Google open fonts installed it and restarted shotcut. I used Text:Simple from there.

Impressive effect. :+1:
I don’t remember seeing anything similar done with Shotcut. For everyone’s benefit, I hope you’ll create a tutorial or instructions on how to do it.

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Hi @reachingnexus - really nice text effect! Thanks for posting it. Yes, I too would like to know how you did it …


Now that I know how to do it I will make a tutorial sometime this week or next.



That is very awesome.
I will waiting for it

Hopefully this tutorial provides enough detail to get you started with the effect. Now go make something awesome! https://youtu.be/uIWgVkODQYA


This is a very inspiring effect for all of us.
A “Making of” video would be greatly appreciated.
By the way, I’ve never seen so many goals in such a short time in soccer.
They were right to celebrate with champagne at the end of the video. Ha-ha-ha.

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