Layout not the same after update!

After the last update the layout is not the same. Timeline covers other parts of the interface. I constantly have to move the timeline around to get too certain parts of interface. Everything used to fit on the screen nicely together and now it doesn’t. It has made using this software very discouraging. I tried to delete it and reinstall and older version, but it will not let me. I would think I should be able to move individual windows around and fit them all on one screen without blocking other windows on the interface. Just as I was able too in previous versions. If there is a way to do this now that I am not aware of please let me know.


I don’t mean any disrespect here, but not knowing nor understanding how to adjust panels is not a bug. Bug reports would included Shotcut version, a screenshot, steps that anyone could reproduce the same outcome. Operating system, etc.

With recent changes as with 18.11.18 the UI has changed a great deal, and depending upon how you had your window layout. True uninstalling and & reinstalling will not help your situation, but when re-installing, there will be a checkbox to clear registry settings for Shotcut. This will reset all presets, and window/panel settings you had with a previous version.

shotcut_2018-12-19_11-14-57 <-- This allows you adjust a window/panel up and down. (Just click and drag)
shotcut_2018-12-19_11-14-42 <-- This allows you to adjust a window/panel left and right. (Just click and drag)
shotcut_2018-12-19_11-15-12 <-- This allows you to close a window/panel (X symbol). The boxes within boxes, allows you break out the window/panel. To reattach them just click/grab by the window/panel header and move back into place, you’ll see it highlight underneath and move the other window/panel’s out of the way, the just release left mouse button.

Or you might just want to start fresh “Restore Default Layout”

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